Pediatric Dentistry

We know that early dentist experiences can have a big impact on an individual’s oral health journey and development, and we do all we can so that our young patients feel comfortable throughout their visit with us. With our emphasis on gentle dental care, our experienced doctors and staff accommodate the unique needs of every patient regardless of age or dental care needs. For our particularly anxious patients, we offer sedation options (including nitrous oxide sedation) and are thoroughly equipped for and experienced in creating a relaxing, fear-free visit for your child.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first dental visit by their first birthday or their first tooth, whichever comes first!  Baby teeth are very important in a child’s early physical, social, and psychological development; they help your baby chew, speak and smile! And though they eventually fall out, baby teeth are very important place-holders for a child’s developing and permanent adult teeth. It is also important to establish a dental home for children early on so that they do not foster dental anxiety and, most importantly, so that they learn to develop good oral habits for decades to come.

A standard pediatric appointment includes:

  • Pediatric Exam

  • Dental Cleaning

  • X-rays, if Necessary

  • Fluoride Treatment

  • Proper Brushing & Flossing Technique Instruction


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Amenities for Kids

In addition to our emphasis on gentle dental care, we’ve stocked our dentist office in Fort Worth with a number of kid-friendly amenities in order to cultivate a welcoming and safe environment for little ones. Whether your child is playing in our waiting area or seated in a dental chair, we go out of our way to bring a smile to their face with:

  • Children’s Books & Magazines

  • Toys

  • Comfy Pillows & Blankets

  • Cartoons above Dental Chairs

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