Dr. Thy Nguyen

Service and education have been the hallmark of her entire career, as "Dr. T" has made sharing smiles and the importance of preventative care her mission. And she puts action behind this vision, as she spent many hours volunteering for both Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation  and Texas Mission of Mercy while still in school. This same passion serves her iSmile patients well, as she openly encourages their questions about maintaining a lifetime of optimal oral health...all designed to provide a stress-free experience in a personalized, caring environment. And Dr. T also understands maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle can be a major factor in long-term wellness, so in her free time she enjoys trail hiking with her five dogs, as well as traveling, snowboarding and finding creative fulfillment in her outlets of

drawing and playing the piano.

University of North Texas: Bachelor of Science

University of North Texas Health Science Center: Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

Texas A&M University College of Dentistry: Doctor of Dental Surgery