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Our mission is: "To care for patients skillfully, professionally and compassionately; to treat each patient with respect and kindness, and to be aware at all times of the privilege and responsibility of being entrusted with the care of another human being."

A Patient-Focused Philosophy: The Dental Home You've Been Looking For

Let’s be realistic: There’s probably not a person out there that truly looks forward to going to the dentist’s office. For many people, in fact, just the thought of visiting the dentist can cause anxiety. But why is this? Is it the fear of pain involved with certain procedures? Is it the fear of all the pricking and probing? Is it fear of getting hit with a massive dental bill?

For a lot of people, it’s all of these things. This is why our team at iSmile Dental have taken an active approach to quell many of the most common anxieties dental patients face. In fact, our team’s entire philosophy is built on making the patient experience as efficient, convenient and enjoyable as possible.

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Built On Real, Meaningful Doctor/Patient Relationships

Of course, the underlying goal of any trip to the dentist’s office should be to correct dental problems and improve oral health and esthetics. Beyond that, however, our team believes in providing patients with more than just world-class results. We believe in building and maintaining real, authentic relationships with every patient who walks through our doors, and we believe this is what truly sets us apart from other dental practices.

Every patient is unique, and this means that every patient’s dental treatment needs to be unique and fully customized. Whether it’s discussing financial limitations or taking into consideration varying levels of pain tolerance, our dentists makes it a point to personally connect with each and every patient he sees. This authentic one-to-one doctor/patient relationship allows our dental team to fully understand your unique dental needs, and it allows our team to deliver the trusted, world-class results we’re known for.

Our promise is to provide gentle, compassionate dental care in a safe and comfortable environment.  This is a commitment we make to every patient we see.

Connect With A Dental Family That Cares

Our team goes to extraordinary measures to ensure that our patient-focused philosophy is carried out on a daily basis. Our team of dental professionals enthusiastically advocate for continuing education (CE) courses, in order to offer patients the most advanced and reliable forms of modern dental care.

If you’re looking for truly world-class results in a professional dental environment built on real, meaningful patient relationships, give us a call and connect with our dental family today. We’re here to make your trip to the dentist’s office as convenient, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. That’s our philosophy, and that’s our promise to you.  

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