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The first things most people think of when it comes to oral health are obviously the teeth. However, our gums and oral soft tissue actually play a crucial role, as well, when it comes to balanced oral health and wellness. For example, while it’s the teeth that are responsible for biting and breaking down food so it can be swallowed, it is soft tissue in the mouth that is responsible for anchoring the teeth in place, keeping oral infection out and much more. If you are in need of soft tissue periodontal treatment, our team of dental professionals offers expert, world-class services.

If you are in need of soft tissue periodontal treatment, our team of dental professionals offers expert, world-class services.

Common Soft Tissue Problems and Conditions

Soft Tissue Treatments At iSmile Dental

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In instances where too much gum tissue is exposed (e.g., “gummy” smiles, excessively thick gums, etc.) a simple gingivectomy procedure can be carried out to eliminate excess gum tissue and expose a greater surface area of the teeth, resulting in a normal, natural-looking smile [link to General Dentistry]. Likewise, in instances where the frenum (small muscle tissue that connects the lips to the gums) is overly-pronounced, simple frenectomy procedures (with or without gum grafting) can release the frenum from the gums, thereby releasing excess tension applied to oral soft tissue.

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is a simple soft tissue treatment that reduces the visible gum line and exposes more of the tooth’s enamel surface, thus allowing for a normal, natural-looking smile. Most crown lengthening surgeries only involve removal of excessive soft tissue. However, in severe instances, it may be necessary to remove small parts of the jaw bone, as well, in order to expose a greater surface area of the teeth. While crown lengthening is typically carried out for cosmetic/esthetic purposes, it is sometimes a requirement for installation of a dental crown.

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Gum Contouring

In the event of an uneven gum line, our dentists can contour and reshape a patient’s natural gum line to produce a perfectly even, symmetrical smile. If you feel you may benefit from soft tissue periodontic treatment, give our offices a call today to schedule a consultation visit.

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