Innovative Teeth Straightening Technology with Quicker, More Comfortable FASTBRACES®

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FASTBRACES® are supported by three new patents pertaining to: bracket systems, the restoration of the alveolar bone and the treatment of gingivitis around crooked teeth. The ease and speed with which teeth can now be moved to their correct position (in some cases within 60-90 days!) grants our patients improved oral health quickly and makes it easier to clean teeth effectively. Revolutionary FASTBRACES ® Technology helps our patients achieve straight, properly aligned smiles and better oral health quickly and painlessly!

Quicker Results + Decreased Pain with FASTBRACES®

One of the key advantages of utilizing FASTBRACES® to straighten teeth is that patients see results far quicker than they would with traditional braces, with the majority of patients completing treatment in about 100 days. Patients also report decreased pain with FASTBRACES® -- in fact, the inventor of FASTBRACES® has never prescribed pain medication for his thousands of patients. Furthermore, the speedy alignment of FASTBRACES® assists dentists by making certain procedures less difficult, such as cleaning misaligned teeth, or installing crowns, veneers and implants.

What are the Benefits of FASTBRACES®?

FASTBRACES® are a comprehensive orthodontic treatment that can correct nearly every misalignment issue that conventional braces can treat, unlike shorter-term cosmetic orthodontic treatments like Invisalign, which can typically only correct mild to moderate misalignment issues. FASTBRACES® are a fantastic alternative to conventional orthodontics, and utilize doctor-prescribed treatment plans to address "bad bites” (or malocclusions), such as: overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites, crowded or crooked teeth, gaps and spacing issues.

Recently, FASTBRACES® has been garnering attention because of the way it delivers beautiful results in as little as 100 days, compared with the typical 2-year long process of conventional braces. With conventional braces, the first year-long stage is spent pulling the crowns of the teeth into position, and during the second year the teeth’s roots are moved into place. FASTBRACES® technology allows tooth roots to begin moving into their correct position from day one with 1) patented braces, 2) a patented method of restoring alveolar bone (the part of the jaw that supports teeth), and 3) a patented method of treating the swelling of gums from orthodontic treatment. Because FASTBRACES® patented technology enables us to grow alveolar bone and straighten teeth quickly, we can also often avoid additional procedures such as tooth extraction or even jaw surgery.

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, our patients seek stellar, comfortable, affordable and quick results - and FASTBRACES® helps us deliver! We will help you find the best options when it comes to cost, financing, and insurance coverage. If you are interested in achieving a straighter smile with, please contact us for your FASTBRACES® consultation today!

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