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A Family Legacy Can ALSO Include SMILES!

In addition to just concluding #NationalMakeAWillMonth in August, today we celebrate #GrandparentsDay here in the U.S. And while some of the observances we note may not readily appear to lend themselves to Dentistry, today’s topic may seem even further from the beaten path than usual! However, it gave us an interesting perspective on the legacy we may be leaving for our family and friends…so hang in there and we promise to make it worth your while.

Yep – we told you this was going to seem like something that came straight out of left field! But, while researching the topic of wills and birthrights, a genuinely startling fact slapped us in the face: a survey conducted a few years ago, revealed a shocking 75% of parents do not have a will. WOW!!!

As parents, our PRIMARY focus – for at least 18 years – is our children. And, while their daily needs may begin to shift after that point, we will always have their welfare, happiness, security and safety on our minds for the rest of our lives. Let’s face it, being a parent is a life sentence, and one the majority of us serve with a smile – and all our hearts!

So, for your peace of mind, why not take a few days this month to sit down and actually create a will. But, your grandmother’s antique hutch and your wedding china are not the ONLY legacy you pass on to your children. Not only will they have a lifetime of smiles to remember, they also have your Dental GENETIC heritage!

In addition to your brown hair, blue eyes, short (or tall) stature and a multitude of other things, your children inherit your Dental strengths and weaknesses! In numerous studies, among children who do not share the same genetic parents such as half-siblings or step-siblings, the results have been quite startling.

Take two children, who live in the same house, eat the same diet, have the same parental supervision of their brushing habits, even use the same toothpaste and see their family Dentist on the same regular schedule. Come time for their check-ups, one shows no cavities, while the second one had several! All things being equal, the genetic tendency toward getting cavities is

the ONLY difference between these two children. They may share only one genetic parent or in some instances, have no common DNA, and all their lifestyle similarities aside, one child may be more likely to have Dental issues than the other…simply because of a roll of the genetic dice!

Through no fault of your own, your child could be more susceptible to getting cavities, gum disease or facing other Dental issues, due to something in your family tree. Which is why, whenever a new patient comes to iSmile Dental, our dedicated team not only asks about your overall and Dental health, but also wants to know about your FAMILY’S Dental history!

Even if you don’t have any particular problems and have been the picture of Dental health, some genetic markers for these problems could have skipped a generation…or two. So, that’s why we want to know about your parents AND grandparents. And armed with this important information about what may be splashing around in that gene pool, we can remain vigilant!

So, while you’re making plans to protect your family and save them from needless problems and worry, maybe Grandparents Day would also be a good time to ask members of your extended family about their Dental health and any issues they may have…or know of anything your grandparents may have experienced. If Granny had dentures, as a tiny tot you may have been completely unaware – unless she was prone to taking them out over Thanksgiving dinner!

Because, bottom line, we want to make sure your family has not only your grandparents' treasured family heirlooms and those amazing, warm memories of time spent together…we ALSO want to protect them and ensure a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles. After all, isn’t a legacy really all about sharing family smiles? And if you’ve got the "will," then we’ll show you – along with your parents and grandparents – the way (at iSmile!)

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